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Princess Suki

Slot game

Slot game

Princess Suki
  • RTP


  • Max win


  • Volatility


Princess Suki game description

The history of Japan is full of secrets and mysteries. Its culture is surprising and fascinating. And the traditions of this country are sometimes so incomprehensible, but so attractive.

Today, the land of the rising sun is one of the most technologically advanced countries. But if you close your eyes for a second, and you can fly back into the past... There, where it all began... Where samurai bravely fought on their Japanese swords... Where geisha with snow-white faces and scarlet bows-lips entertained their guests with dances and singing... Where the cherry blossoms bloomed ... Where the history of modern Japan was created... And where the pride and beauty of the Land of the Rising Sun was she - Princess Suki! The time machine has not yet been invented, so we invite you to fly back in time with our new online slot Princess Suki!

The new slot game from BELATRA company successfully combines traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern style of online games. Courageous Japanese samurai and charming Japanese women, mesmerizing masks and unusual amulets are used as symbols.

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