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jPot System of Belatra Company

Congratulations! You got all the permits bought slot machines and opened his own gaming establishments. Now to business to be successful it is necessary to take care of traffic growth in the players club. Of course, modern devices can not but rejoice that player's graphics, music and a high percentage of return. But if there are the same machines in the neighboring institution, while neighboring competitor already successfully for several years holds shares, treats visitors free drinks, developed its own bonus system, etc.? How to be - to participate in a competitive fight or just give up? Of course, choose the first real businessman. Especially when the "weapon" so closely and effectively.

Each player eventually has one goal - to win. And not just to win, and "hit the jackpot". It says that the win is huge. But in order to become a figure prize fund with at least eight zeros, while the profits of the hall continued to please his master, requires a special system that controls charging, forming and drawing the jackpot, for example «jPot system™» company "Belatra" .

What is the system of jackpot? This is an automated system that allows you to play the prize fund formed by certain deductions from betting players. Size deductions time lottery jackpot type, number of machines in the drawing, and much more dependent on your desire. Thanks to the competent development, the formation of the jackpot takes a few minutes. In "jPot System" supports two types of jackpots: Mystery (automatic, which is awarded to the jackpot, the jackpot is determined by the system at random or predetermined conditions you) and Standart (awarded when an appropriate combination on a slot machine at the maximum rate). At that moment, when your room will be drawn jackpot trigger sound and light system, and this will add to the atmosphere of excitement even further, "spark", forcing each player and believe his luck.

What does "jackpot" for the player? This gift of fate, and true happiness and great fortune, and just a coincidence. But it is precisely such simple phrases and determine the selection of the playing hall. Thus, the jackpot system may become the core and the main advantage is to draw the attention of the player goes to a meeting "cycling numbers and pictures." Repeatedly noted that you play for the jackpot - is a great advertising that not only stirs interest in gaming establishments, but also enhances the excitement of the player. Minimum effort - maximum effect - all this can be achieved if the jackpot gaming system will be connected to your game room machines.

And now, some interesting facts:

* The largest jackpot won on a slot machine, the figure exceeded 27 million dollars. So lucky 60-year old woman from Las Vegas casino "Megabucks" November 15, 1998. The surprising thing is that this same woman a month before the big prize still on "Wheel of Fortune" won 680 thousand dollars.

* Elmer Sherwin, a veteran of World War II, at age 76 jackpot of 4.6 million dollars. Won the money he spent on traveling around the world. While Elmer continued to visit the casino twice a week, because he believed that luck smiles at him. And 16 years later the jackpot of 21 million dollars was back in his pocket. As shown by his story, you just need to believe in luck!

You decide to make your room more attractive to players using «jPot system ™»? Then contact us and we will answer all your questions.


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