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JPot System for your casino

jPot System – is a system for yield increase of gaming establishments, which unites game machines into one gaming net with a purpose of drawing more big wins. The reflections of information about jackpot sums and wins carried out on the electronic jackpot-board.


  • Profitability growth of the casino
  • Involving new players and maintaining interest of regular players
  • Increasing the time spent by players in casino
  • Creating a personal strategy to stimulate players
  • Increasing the prestige of the slot hall


  • Flexibility of settings: the number of machines (from 2 to 127), the sum of winnings, the number of players in magnitude rates over time (an hour of good luck) by type, currency, languages
  • The winning amount credited to the gaming machine
  • Customizable access, remote control
  • The possibility of advertising on the jackpot-board
  • Calculator
  • A variety of jackpot-board visual design

jPot – Tournament


Tournament is a type of drawing in which a win is awarded after the determined time of the game and is awarded to the player who has reached the best result among all the participants.

Various options of winnings can be adjusted – by the winning sum, by the bets sum, according to the result of the game.

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