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Our position — high tech market is very dynamic, progress is not in place, so we always try to be on its tip and keep abreast of developments and best innovations in the field of business. This time requirement. Therefore we produce vehicles based on components only from the most reputable companies in the world and the most advanced existing technologies. In his time wisely chosen strategy of the company now gives us the opportunity to reach a new stage of development and to set more and more ambitious targets in the world market of playing technique. This is not ambition, but an objective reality. All our products are all quality characteristics consistent with international standards, so that competes with products of leading manufacturers of playing equipment worldwide.

Voinich Belatra

        Yuriy Voinich                   

CEO — founder and CEO. Responsible for general management holding company, coordinates the relationship between the leadership of the main activities, and identifies priorities in their development. An active participant in charitable activities and support the development of sports in the Republic of Belarus.


"Breakthrough of the Year",

Buenos Aires


Barsukov Belatra

Mikhail Barsukov

Anglolnitelny Director — provides direct leadership and coordination of project activities and interaction with customers and business partners.

Bezborodko Belatra

Dmitriy Bezborodko

Director of Marketing and Finance — defines the operation of the company in marketing and product promotion of playing equipment worldwide. He directs the project financing.