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Only advanced classics can be better than classics!

The game Supersevens is just like that! It is an improved option of "fruit" slots. Here you will find not only ripe fruit, good mood and classy win! Thanks to the bonus, your win will be fabulous

Bonus "x2"

Feel yourself as a hero of the classic American movie by catching on the reels a combination of identical symbols and get a double win!

You can double your win by using your intuition in the set of card risk games

"Fruit" slots is a well-tried classics with a great sound design and colorful graphics. Play and win in Supersevens!

A video slot SuperSevens has 3 reels with 3 symbols on each. There are 9 game symbols in this game. The maximum number of lines to make a bet is 5. The game is possible with 5 lines only. Bet denominations available in the game are set in the game settings. Winning combinations (in credits) are indicated in the pay table.

A winning combination is a combination of 3 or more identical symbols occurred in succession from left to right on the active line. If all the symbols on the screen are identical after the reels stopped, the win will be doubled. If a player gets a win, he will be able to double it by playing one of 3 risk games! After 5 successful doubling the player receives a promotional prize and the Double Mode ends.

In the Double Mode the player can choose one of three risk games:
- Card risk game «Card double up with the Dealer»
- Card risk game «Red-or-black-or-suit»
- Original risk game "Stairway of luck"

The last selected Double Mode becomes a default mode.


SuperSevens is an advanced classics of fruit slots of the beginning of the past century. Symbols, lines, and the number of reels are the same as used to be. An additional opportunity to win appeared: a bonus multiplier will increase significantly the winning sum!
Classics is always popular! 

  • Type of game: video slot
  • Available languages: English, Russian, Spanish
  • Number of lines: 25
  • Reels: 3х3
  • Minimum bet per line (credits): 1
  • Maximum bet per line (credits): 100
  • Maximum win coefficient: 750
  • Gaming features: Bonus
  • Number of risk games: 3
  • Volatility:
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