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The MoneymaniaTM

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Happiness is not in money ... Happiness is in their amount...

Experienced players argue that two-dollar bills made bets without any doubt will bring you a win! It is rarity even in America, but don't despair! two- dollar bills are in abundance in the game The Moneymania!

Bonus "Smile of Franklin"

Just two dollars will bring you luck and one of the U.S. presidents will smile to you! It can be anyone, from George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant. The luckiest will see a white smile of Benjamin Franklin!

Bonus "Money happiness"

How many of American presidents will you be able to take with me? Determine this by using a simple and quick bonus.

Each player can rate his luck and intuition by playing one of card risk games that give an opportunity to maximize the win!

The game The Moneymania, despite of the seriousness of the money theme,is incredibly funny. It will give the players not only a lot of positive emotions but also good wins.

A video slot The Moneymania has 5 reels with 3 symbols on each. There are 13 game symbols in this game, three of them are scatters, which trigger a bonus game. The maximum number of lines to make a bet varies from 1 to 9. The game is possible with any number of lines. Bet denominations available in the game are set in the game settings. Winning combinations (in credits) are indicated in the pay table.

A combination of 3 or more identical symbols occurred in succession from left to right on the active line is the winning combination. A wildcard symbol “Franklin” replaces any symbol which creates a winning combination. If 3 or more scatter symbols with different parts of the dollar appear on the screen regardless of the active lines, a bonus game will start. In the Bonus Game Mode the player is offered to choose the bill rating and then the number of the win bills. A win can be doubled by playing one of 3 risk games. After 5 successful doubling a player receives a promotional prize and the Double Mode ends.

In the Double Mode the player can choose one of three risk games:
- Card risk game «Card double up with the Dealer»
- Card risk game «Red-or-black-or-suit»
- Original risk game "Stairway of luck"

The last selected Double Mode becomes a default mode.


The Moneymania is a video slot game with vivid animation based on the most expensive (literally) theme - money. In this slot game there are a lot of interesting additional games, funny characters - presidents from american dollar bills - and a small number of lines. A bonus game gives a player an opportunity to determine a win by himself! 

  • Type of game: video slot
  • Available languages: Russian
  • Number of lines: 9
  • Reels: 5х3
  • Minimum bet per line (credits): 1
  • Maximum bet per line (credits): 100
  • Maximum win coefficient: 5000
  • Gaming features: Scatter symbol, Wild symbol, Bonus game
  • Number of risk games: 1
  • Volatility:
Game set
Multi Millionaire 5
Multi Millionaire 5 Multi Millionaire 7
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