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The Tinder BoxTM

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Fairy tales will teach you how to become rich!

The game The Tinder Box based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen in a few minutes can turn a player together with the main character from the poor serviceman in to a rich soldier of fortune.

Bonus "Dungeon doors"

The adventure begins when four doors appears in front of the soldier in the dungeon. Only behind three of them untold riches are hidden. Only you luck will tell you which of the doors is not worth opening!

Bonus "Dogs"

Beware of an angry dog! It protects mountains of coins! If you want to dig through the mountain of the shiny coins you will have to neutralize temporarily the huge dog.

Free games

If you happen to meet fellow soldiers and beautiful princesses during your travels, you will be able to get even bigger win in additional free games! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you are not a coward, you can always choose one of four card risk games. There are 4 risk games available in the game, three of them are classic card risk games and one is a thematic risk game.

Risk game "The witch and the Soldier"

A "Mirror" room is an unusual place! You have to look for not bewitched mirrors in which you will see your reflection. Double the win!

An adult fairy tale The Tinder Box gives to you wonderful cash prizes, a variety of additional games and unusual algorithms at every stage!

A video slot The Tinder Box has 5 reels with 3 symbols on each. There are 11 game symbols in this game, one of them is a scatter which triggers a bonus game. The Maximum number of lines to make a bet varies from 1 to 15. The game is possible with any number of lines. Bet denominations available in the game are set in the game settings. Winning combinations (in credits) are indicated in the pay table.

A winning combination is a combination of 3 or more identical symbols occurred in succession from left to right or from right to left on the active line. A wildcard symbol "Wild" replaces any symbol which creates a winning combination. 3 or more scatter symbols "Apron" appearing on the screen regardless of the active lines trigger a bonus game. In the Bonus Game Mode the player is offered to choose one of four doors. The game will continue until the open door shows the exit.

If a player gets 10 symbols “Soldier”, free games will be awarded. The number of free games is determined by the number of symbols “Princess”. In Free Games Mode the player can get additional free games an unlimited number of times. The received games are added to the already played games and free games are distributed till the full reset of the total number of games.

If the player gets a win, he will be able to double it by playing one of 4 risk games. After 5 successful doubling a player receives a promotional prize and the Double Mode ends.

In the Double Mode the player can choose one of four risk games:
- Card risk game «Card double up with the Dealer»
- Card risk game «Red-or-black-or-suit»
- Thematic risk game “The Tinder Box™”
- Original risk game "Stairway of luck"

The last selected Double Mode becomes a default mode.

The Tinder Box is a video slot game, which differs from all others with its cascade principle and with its unusual approach to the determination of the number of free games. All players will appreciate a multistep bonus and a thematic card risk game, that stylizes the main game. A cascade effect and additional games will increase a win repeatedly.
We wish you success in uncovering the mysteries of the dungeon! 

  • Type of game: video slot
  • Available languages: English, Russian, Spanish
  • Number of lines: 25
  • Reels: 5х3
  • Minimum bet per line (credits): 1
  • Maximum bet per line (credits): 100
  • Maximum win coefficient: 5000
  • Gaming features: Scatter symbol, Wild symbol, Bonus game, Free games
  • Number of risk games: 4
  • Volatility:
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