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Witch SchoolTM

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  • Wonderful video slot about the mysterious world of magic;
  • Bonus "Spells" in which the player is invited to conjure a magic item;
  • Bonus "Levitation", where it is necessary to raise the casket as high as possible;
  • Bonus "Potion" - a fascinating process of mixing potions;
  • Quidditch Bonus - enriching flights on brooms;
  • Mini-bonus "Magic Crystal" on the reels;
  • Risk-game "Ladder of winnings", Mini-Maxi jackpots, Plus-Minus game and much more.  
  • Type of game: video slot
  • Available languages: English, Spanish, Russian
  • Number of lines: 50
  • Reels: 5x4
  • Maximum bet per line (credits): 5
  • Maximum bet per game (credits): 250
  • Gaming features: scatter symbol, wild symbol, bonuses, mini-bonus, plus-minus game, mini-maxi jackpot
  • Number of risk games: 1
Game set
Grand Games
Grand Games Multi Billionaire 3
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