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Super Golden BucksTM

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Money talks!

In our new game everything is decided by Golden Bucks. Colorful, dramatic, stylish and most importantly, very money game. In the truest sense of the word! The money will roll in right on the reels. Thanks to the super-symbol system and bonus credits that makes winnings really huge! In addition, the game has a lot of nice functional additions: a volume knob, a table of wins on the main screen, and many others.

Bonus "Golden Bucks"

Accumulate bucks on reels and receive additional prizes! Super-symbol "Golden Bucks", taking on the entire line of the screen, brings additional bonus credits.

Risk game - a constant attribute of video slots. Simple cards double system that can increase you win in several times, you need only to guess the color of the next card that will be in the deck.


Super-mode - a distinctive feature of all games in this series. With each spin of the drum, you can win a super-coefficient, and for the next 10 Scroll getting really huge winnings!

Golden Bucks - a classic 3-reel video slot of the new generation! HD-quality graphics and colorful design will not go unnoticed by all fans of gambling.

Video slot Golden Bucks has 3 game reels with a 3 symbols on each. In this game, 8 game symbols, one of which in certain combinations brings the player bonus. The number of lines to bet is 5. This value of a lines is fixed and does not change throughout the game. In-game settings you can choose several options like denomination of gaming machine. Winnings combinations (in credits) are indicated in payout table.

The combination of 3 (for some symbols - 2) or more identical symbols on an active pay line the counting is from the left to the right.. If on the reels on an active line fell 3 symbols "Golden Bucks", then the player is awarded a bonus prize. The size of the prize is determined by the line that had the necessary combination.


In the SUPER MODE besides the main reels (on the bottom screen) there is an additional set of mini- reels on the top screen. These reels spinning simultaneously with the main reels and are playing for getting coefficient of wins. A spin of reels with combination of three identical numbers wins the next 10 games with multiplier by this number. In the SUPER MODE, all bets are multiplied by 2.

In the case if the player has few credits left, but they are not enough to play at the minimum rate, after pressing the "START" will be running a game "Plus-Minus," with the result of the drawing which will be either 0 or the minimum rate.

Risk game "Red-Black-Color" is available after each win. Choosing the color of the card, the player can increase the amount of winning in 2 or 4 times. Risk game ends after fifth successful doubling or when the maximum possible size of a winning is 50,000 credits.


Game ... Money ... Excitement ... These concepts are inseparable. New video slot Golden Bucks confirms that. Classic slot game enhanced with new symbols, as well, as fast, but very cash bonuses. All this in a package with the new graphics, special effects and improved stylish sound system completely immerses the visitor of the club in the gameplay and the player will leave only positive emotions.

Bucks - everything you need for a great game!

  • Type of game: video slot
  • Available languages: English, Russian, Spanish
  • Number of lines: 5
  • Reels: 3х3
  • Minimum bet per line (credits): 1
  • Maximum bet per line (credits): 100
  • Maximum win coefficient: 300
  • Gaming features: bonus game Plus-Minus, SUPER MODE
  • Number of risk games: 1
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