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MegaGamePRO game board turns outdated Belatra and Igrosoft game boards into modern 10-game sets


Do you have old game machines from Belatra and Igrosoft? They take up place in warehouses while you would like to get a good profit from them? Specialists of Belatra Company know how to solve this problem!

We offer Mega Game PRO game board. It will replace the old board in your machine and will turn it into the modern striking game set with 10 popular slot-games, poker and Millionaire game with unusual algorithm “wins ladder”.

The process of replacing the board is simple and will take you just a few minutes:

Step 1. Take out the old board from the machine. We won’t need it anymore.

Step 2. Take MegaGamePRO board of Belatra Company production. It will be the main part of the game machine.


Step 3. Take the adapter board to connect MegaGamePro game board to a game machine. The type of adapter depends on which game machine you would like to install the board. External differences between Belatra and Igrosoft adapter boards you can see in the photo below.



Step 4. Connect MegaGamePro game board to an adapter for the needed game machine. The board is inserted into two connectors as shown in the photo below.


Step 5. Set MegaGamePro game board together with the adapter board into the game machine instead of the old board. That’s all! The game machine with one of three popular game sets - MultiMillionaire1, MultiMillionaire2 or MultiMillionaire3 - is ready to work in your game arcade!


Multi Millionaire Belatra 01  Multi Millionaire Belatra 02  Multi Millionaire Belatra 03


MegaGamePro game board is:  

  • A high-quality 10-game set instead of an old single game!
  • 3- channel SAS 6.1
  • 6 serial ports including CCTALK channel
  • Electronic keys
  • Multi-Denomination
  • Stereo
  • Supports for various peripherals:
  •          Touchscreens (Elo, General, Micro)
  •           Bill acceptor (CCNET, CCTALK, EBDS, ICT, ID-003, ITL, PULSE)
  •           Coin acceptor (CCTALK, PULSE)
  •           Hopper (CCTALK, PULSE)
  •           Ticket printers (FUTURE, ITHACA)

It is not difficult to turn an old game machine into a profitable and modern one, the only thing you need is MegaGamePRO game board and a special adapter board for Belatra or Igrosoft game machine. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions.

MegaGamePRO game system - quickly, efficiently and profitably!