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Mega Game Module from Belatra turns an outdated board into a modern 10-game set in 5 minutes


Are you tired of moving your old game machine from place to place, dusting and complaining about lack of space, but cannot throw this machine away?

Belatra Company has an exclusive solution and is ready to share it with you: an old machine with one screen and one game will turn into a modern spectacular machine with 10 popular games in 5 minutes.

What is needed for a magical transformation? Small and easy-to-install MegaGame module!

This process of transformation takes 5 steps:

Step 1. Get the game board out of the machine. The board can be " single-stage" or “two-stage”.

belatra-plata-1 belatra-plata-2

Step 2. If it is a two-stage board, remove the “second stage”.

with removed stage

Step 3. Take Mega Game module.


Step 4. Set Mega Game module to the board via 2 connectors, as shown in the picture below:


Step 5. The board with Mega Game module is ready. Set it back to the machine and your new game machine is ready to work!


As a result you get a modern high-yielding multigame set MegaMoneymania from Belatra!

Video-instruction. If you need some detailed explanations in English feel free to call us

MegaMoneymania set is:

  •         10 popular games of all types: slot, poker, slotmino and others
  •          Easy game control due to the touch-screen
  •          Flexible and easy setup
  •          Support and warranty


If you buy Mega Game module, you will give a new life to your outdated game machine! Please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions.