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«RioGrande» is a game machine (Slant Top) of «Premium" class. Its functions specifically designed to make the gameplay even more lengthy and enjoyable for a player. A distinctive feature of the cabinet design is the possibility to set identical game machines next to each other. This will allow the operator to manage and support machines quickly.

Characteristics of the game machine Multiplier (Poker 02.07):
-an all-metal cabinet with a high level of security
-a large playing field, represented by two screens: 22 "TFT and 27" TFT Full HD monitors
-Touch-control game
-Electronic Keys
-Ability to work with bills, credit cards, player tracking, ticketing, promotional money, banknotes, cashless
-Compatible with Jackpot
-Multi-network connection SAS
-Two-color indicator of game machine status (a light)
-Improved sound stereo system
-Individual means of superior comfort (a soft leather gaming place,a specially equipped cell with an insulation for thermal protection - for drinks)
-Easy to set up in a game arcade

Available game sets
Sevens Super Sevens Multi Millionaire 1 Multi Millionaire 2 Multi Millionaire 3 Multi Millionaire 4 Multi Millionaire 5 Multi Millionaire 6 Multi Millionaire 7 Multi Millionaire 8 Roulette Multi Vision Super Plus 1 Grand Games Multi Vision Super Plus 2 Multi Vision Super Plus 3 Multi Vision Adv 1 Multi Vision Adv 2 Multi Vision Adv 3 Multi Vision Adv 4 Multi Vision Adv 5 Multi Vision Adv 6 Multi Vision Adv 7 Multi Vision Adv 8 Multi Vision Adv 9 Multi Vision Adv 10 Nice Pair 1 Nice Pair 2 Nice Pair 3 Nice Pair 4 Nice Pair 5 Nice Pair 6 Nice Pair 7 Nice Pair 8 Game Bank 1 Game Bank 2 Game Bank 3 Game Bank 4 Game Bank 5 Game Bank 6 Game Bank 7 Game Bank 8 Game Bank 9 Game Bank 10 Multi Billionaire 1 Multi Billionaire 2 Multi Millionaire Extra 1 Multi Millionaire Extra 2 Multi Billionaire 3 Multi Billionaire 4
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