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De Luxe

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«De Luxe» is the most popular gaming machine of «Luxe» class. A silver Slim-cabinet with slight adding of chrome designer elements will provide a player with maximally comfort game conditions.

Characteristics of the game machine De Luxe (Poker 02.03):
-an all-metal cabinet with a high level of security
-a large playing field
-two 19" TFT screens
-Touch-control game
-Electronic Keys
-Possibility to work with bills, credit cards, player tracking, ticketing, promotional money, bank money, cashless
-Compatible with Jackpot
-Multi-network connection SAS
-«Select Game» and «AutoStart»
-Two-color indicator of game machine status (Light)
-Improved sound stereo system
-Low power consumption due to TFT monitors
-The cabinet can be used together with a designer fireproof pedestal in different color variants.

Available game sets
Multi Millionaire 1
Multi Millionaire 1 Multi Millionaire 2 Multi Millionaire 3 Multi Millionaire 4 Multi Millionaire 5 Multi Millionaire 6 Multi Millionaire 7 Multi Millionaire 8 Roulette Multi Vision Adv 1 Multi Vision Adv 2 Multi Vision Adv 3 Multi Vision Adv 4 Multi Vision Adv 5 Multi Vision Adv 6 Multi Vision Adv 7 Multi Vision Adv 8 Multi Vision Adv 9 Multi Vision Adv 10 Nice Pair 1 Nice Pair 2 Nice Pair 3 Nice Pair 4 Nice Pair 5 Nice Pair 6 Nice Pair 7 Nice Pair 8 Game Bank 1 Game Bank 2 Game Bank 3 Game Bank 4 Game Bank 5 Game Bank 6 Game Bank 7 Game Bank 8 Game Bank 9 Game Bank 10 Multi Millionaire Extra 1 Multi Millionaire Extra 2
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